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Hot-selling mineral products in 2024 Russian Coatings Exhibition

INTERLAKOKRASKA, Russian International Paint Exhibition, was successfully held in Moscow from February 27th to March 1st, 2024.  

Exhibition time: February 27-March 1, 2024

Booth number: FH084

Venue: Moscow, Russia (once a year)

Organizer: Russia Expocentre Exhibition Co., Ltd. Co-organizer: Russian Ministry of Industry, Russian Chemical Federation, Russian municipal government and other departments.

INTERLAKOKRASKA, as a professional exhibition with great influence in Russia, has gone through 27 exhibitions, with the support and participation of Russian Ministry of Industry, Russian Chemical Federation, Niitekhim OAO, Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, Centrack Association and other departments. 

This exhibition of coatings and building materials has attracted more than 100 enterprises and traders. Russian paint exhibition is the largest and most authoritative professional exhibition in the paint industry in Russia.

The exhibition mainly displays coatings, raw materials, equipment, etc. The world's coating industry leaders and application experts get together to discuss innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies in the coating industry. Internationally renowned exhibitors include: Dow, Basf, Evonik, Omya, Kemur, Kemikals, ExelPulver, Kimya, Covestro, Alinex, Meffert, Netzsch, Ferro, NGC, Wiwa, Otson, Eisenmann, etc.

At present, pigment pastes&chips have been widely used in the market, especially in automobile coatings, construction, industry and other fields. Our products such as nano titanium dioxide, glass flake, pigment pastes and chips are in hot sale during Russian Coatings Exhibition.


Our Kmeris Mineral products are used in solvent&water based paint, ink, ceramics, cosmetics, papermaking, rubber, plastic, adhesive and other industries. With annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of mineral powder, we have become long-term stable suppliers of many paint giants in the Europe, North American, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea andother countries and regions.

Kmeris Mineral Production base was established in August 2000, the headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, Shandong. In 2023 it becomes a group member of Klarint (China) Material Technology Co., Ltd. We have advanced ultrafine powder processing technology, perfect testing andexperimental equipment, strict and efficient management system, professional R & D team after many years of development and accumulation. We mainly produce and sell micron and nanometer talc powder, calcium carbonate powder, dolomitepowder, wollastonite powder, feldspar powder, barium sulfate, silicon powder, sovent and water based Bentonite powder, Nano Tio2, Quartz powder series, magnesium hydroxide powder and other high-quality mineral products. Our company has gradually developed into a quality and service first-class minerasupplier in China. 

Kmeris will take this exhibition as an opportunity to continue to deepen overseas markets, constantly optimize its own strength, adhere to customer needs as the center, enhance its core competitiveness through scientific and technological innovation. We actively seek new development, provide customers with more satisfactory products and solutions, and constantly shape the comprehensive influence of our brand.


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