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  • Product description: Wollastonite is a calcium metasilicate mineral, its unique chemistry and needle-shaped physical structure make it one of the world’s most versatile and effective value-added performance materials.Wollastonite is suitable for liquid industrial and corrosion resistant coatings, powder coatings and semi-gloss architectural coatings, to get smoother films and improved gloss surfaceKermris is a professional leading wollastonite producer for Paints & coating’s industry. our Paints & coating grade filler Wollastonite production capacity is over 50000 tons each year, welcome to visit our production base for visit.

Wollastonite is composed of Ca3 [Si3O9]. They are usually lamellar, radial, or fibrous aggregates. 

White microstripe gray. 

Glass luster, cleavage surface pearlluster. 

Hardness is 4.5 ~ 5.0. 

The intersection Angle of the two cleavage planes is 74°. 

Density 2.78~2.91 g/cm3. 

It is mainly produced in the contact metamorphic zone between acidic intrusive rock and limestone, and the main mineral component of skarn. 



1. Wollastonite has excellent dielectric properties, so it is widely used in electrical insulation materials. When wollastonite forms non-conductive crystals, it has a very high insulation rate, which is a valuable material in high-quality electrical equipment.

2.In ceramic industry: it can produce glazed tiles, cleaning porcelain, daily-use porcelain, art porcelain, power porcelain, high-frequency low-consumption radio electric porcelain, chemical ceramics, glaze, color, glass, mold, etc.

3. In the paint with wollastonite filler or emulsion, you can get high-quality bright colors of paint, and have the coating and anti-aging properties. White wollastonite is a good raw material for high-quality white paint and soft pastel paint, easy to brush, the surface of a slide, has a high resistance to weathering. It is suitable for the production of high-quality white paint and clear and transparent colored paint. It acts as a flatten agent in coatings. The pigment produced by wollastonite can present pure white or bright bright color, and white paint can maintain a bright color for a long time.