Paint Grade Nano Tio2

Coating grade Nano TiO2 KNR-B508

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  • Power:
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  • Product description: The appearance of KNR-B508 was the white fluffy powder, which was coated with hydrated alumina or/and hydrated zirconia, and the main chemical constituents are titanium dioxide. The paint film not oln

The appearance of KNR-B508 was the white fluffy powder, which was coated with hydrated alumina or/and hydrated zirconia, and the main chemical constituents are titanium dioxide. The paint film not olny had excellent light resistance, but also had remarkable angle-dependent optical effect, which made from KNR-B508 and aluminum paint and other materials.







UV Absorbance

1.2~ 4.0

1.2~ 4.0

1.2~ 4.0

Angle-dependent optical effect




Organic impurity content

Meeting 8 requirements in RoHS directive of 2011/65/EU

and (EU) 2015/863

Remarks : The test conditions for ultraviolet absorption of product are as follows: Wavelength range from 200nm to 400nm,disperse medium was water, addition of product was 0.01%(wt).

Scope of application

KNR-B508  was  suitable  for  outdoor  high-grade  painting,  such  as  automotive

metallic, facade coating, wood paint, aircraft skin paint and so on.

Application method

1. The mixture made of resin, dispersant, solvent and nano-titanium dioxide was fully dispersed to obtain the color paste, which color was gemstone white (frost blue).

2. The color paste was added to the mixture  according to the  formulation  and processing method of the target product. The  optimal dispersion method was as follows: The slurry concentration of PGNR-508 was 10% (wt.)to 20%(wt.), the slurry was lapped 8 times by sand mill, the grinding medium was zirconia beads which diameter was 1.0 to 2.0mm, the filling rate of zirconia beads in grinding was about 80%.

3. The quality percentage of KNR-B508 in metallic paint products was 3%~10%.

Package and storage

Standard package 10kg/box, 5 kg/bag, and keep in dry and cool inside room avoid of sunshine directly.