Anti-Corrosive coating Glass flake

Coating and Paint Grade Glass Flake K-30

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  • Product description: Kemris mineral is a world leading manufacturer of High performance Glass Flake. Our Glass Flake can be applied in anti-corrosive coatings, paints, and pigments to prevent corrosion, and used as a reinforcement material to manufacture composite materials. Its particles form dense, inert barriers within the paint film. Overlapping layers of glass resist water and chemicals permeating the paint film. The addition of glass also increases the flexibility, hardness, and abrasion resistance of coatings.

Glass flake K-30 

Glass flake K-30 is a thin garde. It is an anti-corrosive Glass Flake manufactured from a modified C glass.


Real density: 2.60

Softening temperature: 688 ºC

Melt temperature: 930 - 1020 ºC

Reflective index: 1.52